In the Kitchen with my Toddler

This page is all about being in the kitchen with my Toddler. Being in the kitchen with a Toddler is a messy affair and I definitely have had my fair share of flops when I first started baking and cooking with Ryan but I learnt through trial and error and from other moms and it … Read More

Travel with Kids

I first traveled internationally over 50 hours with my baby when he was 6 months old….Yes! you heard that right….over 50 hours with a 6 month old baby across 3 different countries carrying 90% Baby stuff. Just thinking back gives me armpit sweat lol. And even before he turned two, I have flew with him … Read More

My Recipe Box

I am one of those moms who need a recipe in order to cook something. So this page will be dedicated to posting Tested and Proven Lazy Mom Recipes. You will also find in this page everything and anything I do with my Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is my Holy Grail to Lazy Cooking.

Life & Mindfulness

Well, I do need a page to contain all my random ramblings of life. Everyone says you should slow down and smell the roses. I have to wonder how many of us parents really do that without making a concerted effort?? I know I don’t. I am guilty a lot of just running through my … Read More