Kitchen Fun & Mishaps – White Pepper

Along with our awesome fun adventures in the kitchen, this is the page we share our flops & mishaps lol. Obviously every mom plays differently in the kitchen with their kids. Some moms are really awesome in just letting their kids have free rein in a safe manner when they play in kitchen. Honestly I’m still trying to learn that.

In any case, allow me to present to you today’s featured mishap – Very Very White Peppery Omelette 😀

What a nice Saturday it was today. Ryan and I both slept in and when we woke up, both of us felt so refreshed that I thought hey buddy, wanna help mommy make omelette for brunch??

Got him to help me crack (with my help of course lol) and beat the eggs. I thought this is such a simple task that I didn’t feel the need to do what I usually do – pre-measure & place the dash of white pepper in a small bowl to pour in. Instead I gave him the whole pepper bottle & ok, the rest is obvious from the pictures lol.

Ryan mixing some eggs for mommy’s omelette
Tip: Dun give your toddler the white pepper bottle directly & ask him to put a dash of it LOL. I think Ryan put like 1000x dashes of white pepper in it. I think my omelette is going to taste VERRYYYY PEPPERY Hahaaaa 😀

In any case, Happy Saturday Everyone 😀