Air Fryer Easy Peasy Donuts with Kid


  • Pillsbury Canned Biscuits
  • Pam Spray
  • Icing Sugar
  • Milk or Cream
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Sprinkles or any decorations your kid likes

It’s pretty self explanatory from the pictures shown above.

Just shape the pillsbury biscuits to look like a donut. Spray the air fryer tray and the donuts with some pam spray. Bake it at 375 for 6 to 8 minutes. Make the donut glaze by combining icing sugar with a little milk or cream. Spread the glaze all over donuts and it’s time to DECORATE!!!! 😀

Check out our video & have some laughs!

Happy 55th Birthday Singapore

August is a month of many birthdays, starting with my mom’s birthday, followed by my nephew followed by Singapore Birthday! And this year, Singapore is turning 55!! HOO HOO!

Last month, we celebrated Canada Day with a chocolate cake so I was cracking my brains on what to do for Singapore Day that I could involve Ryan too. Turned to Pinterest but everything look more complicated than the level of energy I had lol. While I love creating indoor activities with Ryan, my criteria is that it can’t take too much time to assemble it. Otherwise, I be tired even before he starts the activity.

I know I know! We sing Happy Birthday for every occasion we can think of lol

Took a look at my pantry. TA DA!! I have Frozen Toaster Strudels!! Yeah to frozen convenience food lol.

They will do. They are rectangular in shape and will make do as a flag Ha! I am so impressed with myself lol especially since I just forgot to pick my son up from daycare last week. Turns out most mommies have done that before lol but I digress.

Here is my easy Peasy laZy mommy Singapore National Day Activity for Ryan.


  • Pillsbury Strudel as the Flag
  • Store Bought Red Icing or Strawberry Jam
  • Store Bought White Icing
  • White Bread for the stars & crescent moon
  • Cookie Cutters to cut out “I Love SG”

There you go. An easy Peasy way for him to learn about the Singapore Flag.

And while Ryan was not born and didn’t grow up in Singapore like I did, it’s so important to me that I help him understand and get to know Singapore culture and traditions.

And while I get sad at times because all my family are in Singapore and I wish he could be there for his grandma birthday, his cousin birthday and every milestone of his Singapore family, I’m going to choose to focus on how lucky Ryan is that in spite of the long distance, so many people in Singapore adores & loves him, that he’s been flying since he was 5 months old and how lucky he is to be exposed to 2 awesome cultures – Canada & Singapore!

Easter Eggs Colouring with a Toddler

Never celebrated Easter before. Certainly have never colored Easter Eggs before either. If there is anything I have learnt from embarking my motherhood journey, it’s that there are so many things, songs, activities for kids here that are very different compared to if Ryan was growing up in Singapore. Sure, there are many similarities too but definitely a lot of differences as well. I think differences are great! They allow our kids to learn and be exposed to so many different experiences 😀

Back to Easter. Easter and Good Friday has never meant anything to me except they were statutory holidays. I sometimes worry if I would be a good mom because there are so many Canadian childhood rituals that wouldn’t make any sense to me. It wouldn’t be intuitive for me to create a Easter Egg hunt for Ryan & his buddies. Neither would it be intuitive for me to go Trick or Treat with Ryan on Halloween door to door or carve out a pumpkin lol. But my worries are unfounded, so far at least. If anything, it gives me the opportunity to be as excited as Ryan because it wouldn’t just be Ryan’s first time coloring eggs. It would be this Mommy’s first time too ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

While we weren’t able to meet up with family for our usual Easter Dinner, we had fun and we are grateful that we are healthy and are all together. At the end, that’s all that really matters.

We hope you enjoy our little Ryan video of us coloring Easter Eggs for the first time & of course, HAPPY HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE! 😀

Young Living Owl Diffuser

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not a Young Living Distributor and I receive no compensation from this review. Please always use caution when using essential oils, and always ask the advice of a professional. All content is based on my personal experiences of a Lazy Mommy and purely for informational & entertainment purposes and should not be relied on as professional advice.

Okay. First of all, who doesn’t like a diffuser that looks so darn cute 😛 . Secondly, his name is Feather…How adorable is that? LOL

So it says on Young Living website that this is a Kids Ultrasonic Diffuser but ya, there is no way that Ryan is monopolizing Feather 😛 . Sharing is Loving, they says lol… But yes, Ryan adores it as well and it does go pretty well in his little cute bedroom

It’s supposed to be a Ultrasonic Diffuser. I have no frigging idea what Ultrasonic meant and if I were to be completely honest, I really don’t care too much about that. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of mom. Only reason why I needed a diffuser was because we live in extreme cold and dryness. So unless i want us to wake up every morning breathing through our mouth cos our nose is all dried and stuffy in the morning, we need a diffuser. But now, I am sort of curious what does Ultrasonic meant so naturally, I went to Google lol

Read through it but all my googly eyes could see was “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah” LOL & all I could comprehend out of my reading was that an Ultrasonic diffuser runs on water instead of steam. Okay, it still doesn’t mean anything to me but I figure I did google, read & conquer so I’m good haha 😛 … But if you truly have any interest on reading about it, you can read it ➡

I could go on and on about the features about this diffuser but really, it’s a diffuser. Everyone can google what a diffuser does. So I’m gonna spare you reading that on my page.

I am just gonna tell you what I love about Feather 😀

  • It is Cute. C’mon, I am allowed to be superficial once in a while 😎
  • It is Kid Friendly. Believe me. I took a video of Ryan testing it out and it was super easy for a busy toddler
  • It comes with the usual bells and whistles of a typical diffuser – white noise options & a variety of LED light options, Honestly, I have never been one to care for these options anyway. When I sleep, I just want NO NOISE and NO LIGHT lol. But I find myself being surprised that I don’t mind the white noise options they have in Feather. They have 5 white noise options. Ryan likes the lullaby one the most. My favorite is the Ocean Waves white noise. I still dun really like going to sleep with the noise but i find myself enjoying it when i just need a 30 minutes MOMMY time. There is something about their Ocean Waves noise that relaxes me.
  • It’s easy to clean

While I do not consider myself a regular consumer of Young Living products, I am always up to learning about products that might benefit me and family and usually, I send my bazillion questions to my girlfriend who is totally into Young Living and she always is there to answer my questions.

For those of you who is interested to know more about Essential Oils and Young Living, you can visit her page HappiOily on Facebook.

Thanks Elaine!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Now I hope you enjoy our little video of little Ryan trying out Feather, Young Living Owl Diffuser ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Making Play Dough with a Toddler

Honestly, the beginning of this weekend has been rough for me & maybe even for Ryan. He’s turning 3 soon & I didn’t realize till recently that if he is not potty trained by 3, his daycare can’t have him anymore. Not his daycare fault. His daycare is awesome! More of me not reading the handbook properly.

In any case, this marks the beginning of our weekend when I started him fully on potty training & mind you, I actually have displayed more patience than I thought I would. And I know that 1.5 days is hardly what anyone would call enough potty training & we will get there but what frustrates me is that as soon as I start, he holds his poop in and now he is constipated and unhappy.

I try my very best to not let him feel his mommy’s anxiety of worrying about him not having a daycare or a babysitter to go to if we can’t get him potty trained soon. I know this will pass just like all the other babies stuff but right at this moment, please dun tell me not to worry … I’m not worried that he will never be potty trained … I’m worried that we can’t get him trained within this short timeline.

In any case, this potty training thing & the fact that it was snowing today, I decided that he & I should play with Play Dough & what best way to play with it than to let him make it himself (for the most part) 😀 He had a great time making and playing with it 😀 I had so much fun playing it too with him that it was a great distraction from my worries 😀

There are many play dough recipes online. Some call for cooking & some call for using cream of tartar which I’m not entirely sure is that common an item in every regular household. The recipe I found uses neither.

  • No cooking required
  • No cream of tartar required
  • No matter how many colours you are planning to make, you can do all the different colours in one mixing bowl. We did 3 colours all in same bowl! Yup! You heard right. 2 less bowls for me to wash is a winner! 😀
  • So easy even my toddler can help with it. Only part he is not able to help as much is at the very very end when you just need to knead the dough together but otherwise, he could help with every step
  • It smells amazing
  • It is non toxic unlike the ones you buy in the store
  • And it is so much Fun for the kids 😀

So the ingredients you need are so so simple:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/4 cup of salt
  • 1 packet of Kool-aid
  • 1/2 cup of hot water
  • 1 tbsp of cooking oil

Instructions are so so simple too:

  • Place all dry ingredients in a big mixing bowl. If your toddler is just starting out, get as big a bowl as u can find. Just makes for easier cleaning
  • Add oil and hot water
  • Use a spoon to mix it first
  • Once water cools down enough for your hands, knead it altogether into a dough. Took me less than 10 seconds cos that’s all you have with a busy toddler lol
  • If the dough still feels too sticky, add a bit more flour but otherwise, you should have a nice smelling play dough now
  • I bought 3 packets of Kool-aid with different flavours and I basically just got Ryan to start the same process again in the same mixing bowl
  • I took a portion from all 3 doughs for him to play and cling wrap the remaining and place it in fridge for the next time

We had a great time & we hope you enjoy our little video 😀

Easy Monster Cookie Decorating with a Toddler

I know I know 🙄 Halloween is still like a month away but all the stores in my town has already started displaying all their Halloween stuff so it’s difficult for me not to be excited about it 😀 we love Halloween! 😈 😈

I wanted Ryan to decorate some Halloween cookies together a couple weeks ago & usually, I will bake the cookies from scratch since I do enjoy baking but it was a busy weekend and honestly, he’s 2 years old. Anything he decorates right now probably is going to be messy so I really didn’t feel like baking cookies from scratch just to be totally messed up lol. So for mommies out there who wants a easier way, check out this easy Peasy Monster Cookies 😎 😎


  • Store bought cookies (Mine was $1 shortbread from the Dollar Store)
  • Icing tubes of a few different colors
  • Candy Eyeballs (we had this at home but you could get them from Walmart or even some dollar stores)
  • Halloween soft candy (Didn’t end up using them at all so it’s optional)
  • Big Baking Tray (optional)
  • Commercial size aluminum foil (optional)

It’s pretty self explanatory from the pictures shown above. You could use other cookies shapes. I just chose the rectangular shortbread cookies so I can line them together so it is easier for him to decorate them. Bothe baking tray and aluminum foil is optional but they save me so much work in terms of cleaning up after. With a toddler, he’s gonna get icing all over the place. So I just use my biggest baking tray and foil. At the end, wrap the whole thing and dump it. Easy Peasy….the way this Lazy Mommy likes it. I rather use my cleaning time to play with him or relax and drink my coffee lol. That’s just me but to each their own 😀

Check out his video of decorating the cookies 😀 & share with us any other easy cookie decorating ideas!

Talk to you soon!

Yes or No to Chores for Toddlers

It’s no secret that at a certain stage, your toddler will start exerting their independence and might even throw a fit if you insist on helping them. Now, I’m no expert by any means but our experts at says that between 18 to 24 months, they start showing interest in what mommy or daddy does so it might even seem like they are shadowing us when we go about doing our household chores…

When we first started getting Ryan to help with chores, I had a few friends who exclaimed that Ryan was too young, that it is dangerous and way too messy. And now, I don’t disagree with all the above 3 claims but only if you let it to be. Now, if I gave Ryan a super difficult chore expecting perfection, he would be too young for it. And seriously, I don’t even do chores perfectly myself & I am in my forties LOL….

But the whole intention at that stage was really for Ryan to have fun & for us to have fun together. And really, them doing chores mostly would entail us parents helping them so yes, that means more work for us so my tip is to keep the chores simple and easy so it would mean less work for ourselves.

While there are endless debates about it, I think there are so many benefits of getting toddlers to help with chores and this is my own personal feelings and experiences.

  1. Teaches them a sense of responsibility/accountability & hopefully work ethics in the future
  2. Helps with mastering their motor skills
  3. Encourages them with their curiosity by not exclaiming “NO” every time they want to help because believe me, they will get to a stage where they prefer to do anything else but help lol
  4. Great family bonding activity by letting them be involved

Before turning 18 month old, some simple chores Ryan did include:

  • Putting his toys away
  • Putting clothes in laundry basket
  • Throwing trash into garbage bin
  • Bringing something to you
  • Helping to push the highchair away
  • Helping daddy carry & move the laundry basket

After he turned 18 month old, the sky’s the limit… okay just kidding but now he can do the above & more:

  • Putting his clean clothes away
  • Sweeping the floor with a broom
  • Watering the plants & the garden
  • Cleaning up tiny messes with kitchen towel
  • Carrying his own lunch bag
  • Putting his shoes & jacket away when he gets home
  • Dusting

The list is non exhaustive but you get the drift.

Ryan Helping to water the garden. I think he did a pretty good job!

And I’m by no means the perfect mom who lets Ryan helps every time he wants to. Despite my intentions, there are many times when I am busy trying to get shit done and when he express interest in helping, I let out a loud “NO” because it be too messy, because I really need to get dinner ready, because I really need to get this and that done ASAP & because THIS MOMMY IS IN A RUSH. Many times, i tell my hubby I feel like a horrible mom because I can’t count the number of times that I have shouted out “NO” to Ryan during the day. But at the end of the day, I am also human and I know I’m a good mom.

Not a Perfect Mom. Definitely a Lazy Mom. But for sure a Good Mom 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and would love to hear your experiences of chores for your children 🙂



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