Hi Everyone! I’m Van and the little boy in the picture is my son, Ryan. I’m a full time working mom living with my small family in British Columbia. Prior to Ryan’s arrival, it was easy enough for me to be the “Take Out” queen and not be too bothered with cooking and cleaning cos i can tell you, those things don’t bring me much joy lol. Baking, however, surprisingly makes me a happy person.

But motherhood does bring along a desire in me of wanting to be better in every way for my family. Honestly, I still could care less about the daily cleaning. I think homes can’t be too clean anyway. Sanitizing the home after a family bout of illness makes sense. Sanitizing my friends’ hands before they can hold my baby doesn’t. A little dirt of germ here & there helps build up children immune systems, i hear 🙂

There are different reasons why I have made a lot of concerted efforts to cook from scratch since Ryan’s birth.

  • I want our family to be healthier
  • Daddy makes a mean creamy chicken & I will be a grouchy poo poo pants if my 8 year old Ryan comes back from school making a face when he realizes Mommy is cooking tonight or telling me “Liam’s mom made this…Liam’s mom made that”…YUP, no way I am letting that happen lol…I need to have a few signature mommy dishes
  • I was born & raised in Singapore where Food is to Singaporeans like Hockey is to Canadians…..Like, Singaporeans love long lines because that is one indication that the food is gonna be good.
    Our motto is First we eat then we do everything else….Anyhow, so I digress but you get the point. I want Ryan to grow up experiencing Singapore through food. Living in the North limits our Asian food choices and it’s not like we have a big Asian family here to celebrate important cultural festivals e.g Chinese New Year together but I’m determined to translate the culture to Ryan the best lazy way I can so cooking from scratch is my only way
  • I want Ryan to grow up having memories of our fun times in the kitchen…

I think of myself as a Lazy Mom because I will go to great lengths to make any recipe or cleaning activity as short-lived and as easy as possible. One pot meals and instant pot recipes are my most googled items lol.

Okay, so maybe I am not true blue lazy but I believe home life doesn’t have to be picture perfect and a little bit of messiness and shortcuts in cooking ain’t gonna kill anyone

Hopefully, I’ll meet other like minded moms & dads who are committed to finding ways to be a great mom and dad the “Lazy” way 🙂

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