Travel with Kids

I first traveled internationally over 50 hours with my baby when he was 6 months old….Yes! you heard that right….over 50 hours with a 6 month old baby across 3 different countries carrying 90% Baby stuff. Just thinking back gives me armpit sweat lol. And even before he turned two, I have flew with him by myself for more than 40 flights. With so many scary airline stories these days, I remembered myself feeling really anxious about the trip. While I try to be as prepared as I possibly can be, you can never be totally prepared. Well, cos a baby or a Toddler is actually a pretty unpredictable little human being lol….like you can’t possibly prep for them to not have a poop explosion just before you go through customs, you know..LOL. This page will be devoted to sharing our experiences, our tips that we have learnt along the ways and hey, to share with you some laughs too. Would love to hear your experiences too.

2 thoughts on “Travel with Kids

  1. Serene

    Hi Van, I am a Singaporean looking to maybe migrate to Canada. Like you, I have a young baby that is 6mths at the moment. Just curious to know ur inputs on which state would be ideal, safe enough for a young child to grow up and blend in. Currently I’m still in sg working and intend to go there for a holiday to have a look at the area first… Thanks.


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