Infinity Travel Pillow

Yahoo! My new travel pillow has just arrived and I’m beyond excited even if I have to look strange like this for the possibility of getting a good sleep the next time we fly. I’ll gladly look strange every time 😀 Small price to pay lol

Bought this from Amazon & it cost $55. So no, it is not the cheapest travel pillow but my Samsonite neck pillow easily cost me $30 but it only gives me support for my neck but this is a all in one travel pillow and boy oh boy does the material feels amazing on your skin. I absolutely have no regrets with this purchase. Flying alone with a toddler on long haul flights with multiple layovers that can add up to a total of 38 hours (that is if none of your flights get delayed) is not easy. I dun care what any easy breezy mom tells me. It ain’t easy but YES it is Totally Manageable & Yes to all the mommies out there. You can totally do this 😀 . Ryan has flew with me internationally since 6 months old. He has flown on way more flights than I ever had at his age and he is not even 3 yet.

When he was still a baby, carry on luggage space was prime real estate as a lot of space went mostly to putting items that he needed or might need & mom just packs the necessities for herself. But now that he is older, doesn’t need formula and can eat mostly anything I eat, this mom just wanna get something that is just for herself.

ME, ME & ME!!! 😀

So why did I choose a travel pillow as my one item to indulge on for our next long haul flight? Well for starters, since having Ryan, I stopped bringing my Samsonite Travel Pillow cos I needed all the carry on luggage space I could get to lug his diapers, formulas, baby food, toys and god knows a million other Baby stuff.

When I saw this pillow, I knew it was the perfect item I wanted to treat myself and if it is gonna take up prime real estate or take away 5 Toddler items from my carry on luggage, so be it.

And while I love love love this pillow, it does have its pros and cons.


  • Lol I honestly dun know & dun care what the material is but it feels soooo luxurious and soft on your skin and feels so so amazing. If I had to guess, I would say it feels like good quality bamboo but hey, feel free to google
  • Better neck support than any traditional travel pillows I have tried
  • Lol not the most appealing look one can go for but hey, I have seen wayyyyyy uglier ones. I can live with this look lol
  • There are multiple ways (8 to be exact on their instruction sheet) to use this pillow. Neck pillow, back support, window pillow, desk pillow, eye mask, noise canceling pillow. You’ve got them all.


  • It takes up way more luggage space than I prefer
  • I’m gonna look kinda strange lol
  • Although it advertise so many different ways to use it, I feel like I will mostly just use 1 or 2 ways to use it

Having said all that, I’m truly happy with this purchase.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a good weekend!



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