Making Play Dough with a Toddler

Honestly, the beginning of this weekend has been rough for me & maybe even for Ryan. He’s turning 3 soon & I didn’t realize till recently that if he is not potty trained by 3, his daycare can’t have him anymore. Not his daycare fault. His daycare is awesome! More of me not reading the handbook properly.

In any case, this marks the beginning of our weekend when I started him fully on potty training & mind you, I actually have displayed more patience than I thought I would. And I know that 1.5 days is hardly what anyone would call enough potty training & we will get there but what frustrates me is that as soon as I start, he holds his poop in and now he is constipated and unhappy.

I try my very best to not let him feel his mommy’s anxiety of worrying about him not having a daycare or a babysitter to go to if we can’t get him potty trained soon. I know this will pass just like all the other babies stuff but right at this moment, please dun tell me not to worry … I’m not worried that he will never be potty trained … I’m worried that we can’t get him trained within this short timeline.

In any case, this potty training thing & the fact that it was snowing today, I decided that he & I should play with Play Dough & what best way to play with it than to let him make it himself (for the most part) 😀 He had a great time making and playing with it 😀 I had so much fun playing it too with him that it was a great distraction from my worries 😀

There are many play dough recipes online. Some call for cooking & some call for using cream of tartar which I’m not entirely sure is that common an item in every regular household. The recipe I found uses neither.

  • No cooking required
  • No cream of tartar required
  • No matter how many colours you are planning to make, you can do all the different colours in one mixing bowl. We did 3 colours all in same bowl! Yup! You heard right. 2 less bowls for me to wash is a winner! 😀
  • So easy even my toddler can help with it. Only part he is not able to help as much is at the very very end when you just need to knead the dough together but otherwise, he could help with every step
  • It smells amazing
  • It is non toxic unlike the ones you buy in the store
  • And it is so much Fun for the kids 😀

So the ingredients you need are so so simple:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/4 cup of salt
  • 1 packet of Kool-aid
  • 1/2 cup of hot water
  • 1 tbsp of cooking oil

Instructions are so so simple too:

  • Place all dry ingredients in a big mixing bowl. If your toddler is just starting out, get as big a bowl as u can find. Just makes for easier cleaning
  • Add oil and hot water
  • Use a spoon to mix it first
  • Once water cools down enough for your hands, knead it altogether into a dough. Took me less than 10 seconds cos that’s all you have with a busy toddler lol
  • If the dough still feels too sticky, add a bit more flour but otherwise, you should have a nice smelling play dough now
  • I bought 3 packets of Kool-aid with different flavours and I basically just got Ryan to start the same process again in the same mixing bowl
  • I took a portion from all 3 doughs for him to play and cling wrap the remaining and place it in fridge for the next time

We had a great time & we hope you enjoy our little video 😀



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